Communications confidence

Before I took the leap into writing this blog, I was plagued by constant doubts. Do people care what I have to say? Am I good enough to say it? Will people trust me, am I credible or experienced enough to say this?

Those same doubts are why there has been such a long time between posts.

But I realise – no one is ever perfect. And life is a constant, ongoing learning experience for all of us. But I do start with a solid foundation on which to speak, built from work and life that gives me insights and thoughts that can make a real difference to how people communicate. That have made a real difference for people.

So I gave it a go.

And I’m back to give it another go!

Those mental doubts still nag at me, but I am getting better at ignoring them.

I share this story because I think a lot of us have the same doubts. Especially women. That same questioning, can I do this, am I good enough.

It gets in our way a lot, both at work and at home.

But of particular relevance for this blog is that I think it stops a lot of us from taking the leap into communications, from contributing to the strategic and external communications to our full potential. Those negative voices…I am not a communicator, I don’t have the skills for this, I don’t know what people want to hear…

But don’t let that stop you!

Give it a go, take the leap.

You might fall, with content that goes nowhere. But you might make something amazing…!

Need a nudge for your communications approach? Get in touch!

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