I specialise in helping you and your team to identify your best opportunities, and gaps, and figure out how to respond to these – and then get it done.

Not only do I review what you have been doing in the past to see what’s worked (and what hasn’t), but I also have a look at what your competitors or counterparts are doing, what your donor does, and the capacity of your team.

I propose strategies and actions plans that are informed by your situation, needs and resourcing.

Need a communications strategy or regular content that your donor will love and that your team can actually deliver? I can help. Need training to get your team there? I can help with this too.

What can I do?

Services I offer include:

  • Communications strategy or action plan (drafting or review)
  • Content drafting or review (social media, web content, media products)
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Team training

What makes me different?

I prioritise team-work and collaboration above all else – if your team doesn’t support a strategy or action plan, it won’t work.

But most importantly, everything I produce for you is actionable. I’ll give you a strategy or action plan that is doable with your current resourcing and make sure you have all the tools, guidance and support to deliver on it.

Need something light touch and easily delivered by a busy team? I’ll make sure you are targeting your efforts are exactly the right activities to make the most of limited budget and staff. Got a bit more space in your budget and some free staff capacity? I can work with your team to find creative opportunities to really share your message.

How do I work?

First I get a really detailed look at your communications. What is working, what isn’t, and what has your donor been saying. How does your communications compare to others in your country, are you reaching the right people?

Then I will facilitate group discussion sessions to make sure that everyone has their say and to understand everything that is going on, and what opportunities there are.

From there, I draft a communications strategy or action plan. All strategies and plans get revised by donors, that’s just how it works – but I have had multiple strategies approved on the second pass review, freeing up staff time to actually deliver on the activities. I can do that for you too!

Ask what I can do for you!

Or, if aren’t convinced – I can do a FREE evaluation of your social media profile, to see if its working for you!

Let’s build something together.

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