Roundup! #1

A round up of some of the most interesting content on the web about communications, public relations and social media – this is what has caught my eye this week!

Effective communication: I’m going to come back to this in another piece, but for now, I’ll leave you with this great analysis on Women’s Agenda, on the different communication styles of two prime ministers – Jacinda Ardern and Scott Morrison – in response to devastating national tragedies, and the lessons for all of us.

Social Media Trends in 2020: As we enter a new year, there are always people talking about what the year ahead holds for us and what the new and exciting trends will be. This article by Social Media today gives a great summary of the 3 most exciting emerging trends in social media, a must read for any content manager or communicator. Most exciting for someone like me, is the possible end to interruptive tactics… There is also a cool infographic that looks into influencer marketing trends, especially the growth in video content and the need to reach out on different platforms. And finally, as a data-head I am loving this analysis from App Annie about The State of Mobile and what it means for reaching audiences – including the expected massive increase in access and use, especially of social apps!

Simple communications strategies: This piece by Inside Higher Ed is perfect for beginner communicators, giving simple rules for writing well and being understood.

Social media and loneliness? On The Conversation, there is a discussion about how social media can make us more lonely – but it can also connect us.

An importantly, considering the last topic, MIT News has issued a list of tips on how to maintain a healthy approach to your use of social media. Unsurprisingly, this includes taking a break…

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