Ready to level up? Use a Chatbot!

In an ever-saturated world where people are online 24/7, clients are used to having all the information they need at their fingertips.

Social media is one way for businesses to reach clients, but there is only so much information you can put online, or that clients are willing to wade through to get what they want.

Clients who can’t get what they want, turn off.

chatbot solves these problems!

Immediate engagement

A chatbot offers both you and prospects a way to get what you both want – immediate answers and access to support for clients, and an instant connection and lead-in for you.

A chatbot is an online message system that lets you program in questions and answers (‘pathways’) to help your clients get what they need immediately, and persuade them into a sale.

In fact, chatbots can give your business 3 times more conversions than other marketing techniques.

And chatbots aren’t just something for big companies.

Almost every business can benefit from a chatbot, large or small.

In fact, a small business may benefit most!

Chatbots operate 24/7

Even when you’re sleeping, clients can still be engaging with your business in a real, practical way that builds interest and gives you leads.

Directing queries to a chatbot frees up your time to focus on working with real leads, including clients who have gone through the chatbot and thus already signalled their interest in your product!

Chatbots save money…and make sales!

The upfront cost for developing a chatbot might seem intimidating (from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand).

However, this is a once-off cost, a small, initial investment in your business. And the cost is quickly outweighed by the benefits.

Chatbots can save your business up to 70 cents per question, or easily thousands of dollars in human-time each year. Every question that is answered by the chatbot is one less question that you need your live human team to answer.

That frees up their time to focus on the real prospects and make sales.

By not having a chatbot, you are costing yourself both clients and money.

So it’s time to get on board and level up your business today!

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